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“It’s hard to find the words to describe how much my soul blueprint has shifted and impacted my perspective and presence. It dives into EVERY ASPECT of self, existence, purpose, passion and unfolds the vision of what you ultimately have access to, within you. My soul blueprint brought light and awareness to so many things I intuitively knew, but never had a full understanding of. It’s validated a lot of the details that I was unsure of or questioning, which supported this journey of doing the deep, soulful, inner work. It’s opened portals of growth and self love that I never imagined were possible, empowering every cell of my being and fueling my drive to know and accept myself in all the ways. 
Raven is extremely talented, gifted and connected. Her level of presence and connection in the reading was so intuitively guided – straight MAGICK. The delivery of  lifetimes of information can be a lot but she breaks it down into such a beautiful and digestible, yet expansive way! 
Lexi Danser

Artist, Photographer, Ethereal House

Raven is the real deal! She’s a talented spiritual and metaphysical practitioner. I found my reading to be highly transformative, and I now carry the knowledge she shared with me every day.

Abby Urban

Artist, Photographer, Abby Urban

WOW. This reading…changed the course of my life. I knew it would be impactful but it exceeded my expectations. Raven is such a gift. The way she explained everything was so thorough and digestible. I left feeling like I had so many questions answered. Some questions I didn’t even know I had. It really did set my life on a new path. I haven’t never felt so much permission to just be myself. I loved and valued her honesty. Everything was so divine. I know so much more about myself and my soul and my purpose.

Jordan J Perry

Social Media Strategist, Sacred Eye Social

Wow. This was the most fun reading I have done. I felt very understood and heard. Anyone who is starting their spiritual journey should consider getting a couple of astrology natal chart readings from different astrologers / psychics. Raven did a fantastic job for me as she really validated things that I have known my entire life and she provided me with a clearer life direction. She will tell you what you need to work on based on your natal chart. It’s like seeing myself through someone else’s lense, which I believe it’s important for growth. You have to be “self conscious” and understand yourself! I really appreciate how enthusiastic she is for my journey. Thank you!!

Emma Peng