Soul Blueprint Reading


The soul blueprint reading is done using your exact time of birth, date, and location, I can get a snapshot of exactly where the celestial bodies where located and the characteristics they imprinted onto you at that exact moment in time! You are an outcrop of these higher energies. The reading illuminates certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies, the age of the soul, debts carried over from previous life's, and future career/life paths. Sometimes your guides or spiritual team will come through with messages as well, and that is included in the reading as well as magickal recommendations for bringing harmony into your life so you can align with your souls blueprint. They are done via a 1 hour zoom call , and you are given a 30-45 page written report in PDF format detailing your chart, including planets, houses, aspects, patterns, retrogrades, and afflictions. this is mean to be referenced throughout the year and for the rest of your life. I suggest keeping a printed version of your written report to look over whenever you want self-reflection.

The natal chart readings /predictions are only certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies with which the person is endowed at birth. it is not the end all. You can change, work, and adapt these energies with this knowledge!

You will receive a follow up email once you order, to set up the date and time of your blueprint and zoom call. Current processing time is between 2-4 weeks


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