Soul Blueprint Reading


This listing is for a custom manifestation vision board ! I am a digital artist and create using adobe suites. I am also a witch and weave sigils, symbols, colors, and frequencies into the artwork to help you manifest your desires future. This co-creation and collaboration with you requires you to script your ideal future and visualize who you want to become, so that I can bring it to life to help you embody it. It also requires your astrological data, such as sun, moon, and rising so that I can pin point your energy in the magic! A Pinterest board, inspo pictures, poems, anything you have written or know you want to make real in the physical world should be sent to me! Once created, I will also send you instruction for a ritual that works in tandem with the vision board ! As always, it is recommended you print it out somewhere you can see it everyday or keep it as a phone wallpaper !

This type of digital project allows for ONE set of revisions!

Thank you so much! The more you can send me the more precise I can make this vision for you!

You will receive a follow up email once you order. Please allow for 5-10 business days processing time.


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