Soul Blueprint Reading


Custom Intention oil roller created specifically for your natal chart to help bring you into balance and alignment with your cosmic blueprint.

10 ml custom oil blend created for you personally, based on your entire natal chart. It includes a custom artistic label with your name and birth info on it and the vibe I get from your chart. The intention is to help you balance the energies inherent within the chart! I highly recommend this for people with Stelliums, or powerful placements on a singular house axis, as well as those that are lacking in any element, such as Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. I am a witch and this oil will always be charged and linked to you specifically. I will use crystals, herbs, oils, that will harmonize and work well with your energy. Allow for 1 week in order to charge the oil, and of course shipping. If you want to purchase this listing for a custom oil for spell work, I can do that as well. Check out my other oils as they all have their own unique purpose.

typically includes crystal chips, carrier oils such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil, and Essential Oils.


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