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Rooted in Alchemy was founded on the idea that this world is full of magick, you need only look. Astrology originated thousands of years ago and its archetypes have been woven throughout history. Across the passage of time, astrology has been refined and is the most accessible it has ever been, today. We believe that astrology carries great wisdom. It gives us purpose, enlightens us, helps us grow, and brings great
personal transformation. It affects the collective on a massive scale, as the Moon rules our oceans and the Sun sustains life.

At RA, we believe in honoring ourselves, acknowledging both shadow and light, practicing compassion for all through self-awareness, expressing ourselves authentically, and connecting to our own divinity. Astrology is readily available for all who are willing to put in the effort and attention, which is why we are committed to providing free education and resources for students to learn about themselves through their natal charts. and gain confidence when working with their own unique energies. All is Well.


“Your intuition is always guiding you , there are no mistakes. You are exactly where you are meant to be”- MM