Prepping For Spellwork


Research into the herbal, color, day, crystal, astrological, and number correspondences

  • The more time you put into this initial step the more specific your magick will be.
    • When is the best day/time for this spell?
    • What color candles or flowers?
    • What herbs are for this purpose?
    • Is there a tarot card that corresponds?
    • What crystals provide similar results as the spell?
    • In numerology, what is the best number to use repeatedly to achieve results for this specific work?

Write down your outline or plan for the spell in a magickal journal.

  • This is to record your spells, to see what ingredients were most potent, how long it took to manifest, and is also to look back over time and see where you could tweak things
  • This is also a visual aid for you to see just how capable you are, and the successes you’ve had

Write an incantation from the heart

  • You can find many online for inspiration but it is also more specific and potent when writing the spell ourselves. This way you are clear on what you want, the action steps you’re taking to get it, and reaching out to your specific guides for assistance.
  • Spells do not have to rhyme, however it is helpful for the flow of the incantation, and there is some vibratory reasons behind why rhyming may add an additional layer.
  • The most important part of speaking the incantation is your voice. You must VIBRATE the spell. You will feel it in your throat and heart center. Singing or chanting a spell can be incredibly powerful as well as adding music or instruments to it. Remember, this is your spell, your manifestation, this is what you want and are asking for help, so when you are vibrating the incantation, do so with everything you have. Go all out. Don’t be afraid, don’t feel embarrassed, let it come up from deep within. As you speak/chant/sing the spell it should begin to quicken pace as you read it . For example, it is like a wave, you would begin slowly, and start to gain speed and volume, you will reach a peak 75% of the way through, where you are singing/chanting/speaking loudly and passionately and then it will crest over and come back to center at the end, as you have announced your desire and will, and are now putting trust in the universe and your self that it has been heard and put in motion.


One of the most important ingredients and parts of magick is FAITH. You must believe in yourself, and believe in magick. This belief is what allows for the energy to flow successfully. Once a spell is done, trust that it has been heard, you have reached into intelligent infinity and done the work, and now you are waiting for it to be reflected in the physical world.


Spell work

  • Spell Jars
  • Honey Jars
  • Sachets
  • Potions/Tinctures
  • Kitchen Witchery
  • Poppets

    Candle Magick

    • Knob Candles
    • Figure Candles
    • 7-day Candles
    • Pillar Candles
    • Chime Candles
    • Tealights


    • Shadow work and healing
    • Journaling
    • Petitions
    • Vision Boards
    • Manfiestation Box


    • Meditation
    • Guided healing
    • Connecting within

    Creative Self-Expression

    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Creating Art
    • Acting/Drama
    • Sewing


    • Tradition/Group
    • Setting of Lights


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